There are several types of liability covers available to protect your business and depending on the sector/industry in which you operate will determine which relevant policies would apply to your business.  We will assess your business and advise on which policies your business will need to consider then source these from the market, which include but are not restricted to the following;

  • General/Public Liability – Provides cover against accidental property damage and bodily injury to third party during the course of your business/operations.
  • Professional Indemnity – Provides cover against any negligent professional advice given to a third party whereby as a result they suffer a financial loss.
  • Statutory Liability – Provides cover against breaches for statutory law and government regulations i.e. Health & Safety
  • Employers Liability – Indemnifies your business for compensation or damages you become legally liable to pay in an event your employee suffers personal injury (which is not covered by ACC).